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May & June 2012 - Scandinavian Safari
May 16 thru June 6, 2012, we visited most of the countries (Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Denmark) that border on the Baltic Sea.  We missed Lithuania, Poland and Germany.  After Denmark, we went up to Norway to get the third of the "Scandinavian" countries.
Last Updated June 2012

Under Construction October 2011 - Athens to Rome
October 2011, we flew to Athens (Greece) for a week prior to boarding a cruise ship bound for Rome (Italy)!
Last Updated June 2012
Under Construction December 2010 & January 2011 - Through the Panama Canal
December 2011, we flew to  San Francisco to board Regent Seven Seas' Navigator for an 18 day trip through the Panama Canal.  We celebrated the 2011-2012 New Year's events on board the ship.
Last Updated June 2012
January & February 2010 - South Pacific & Australia
January 13 thru February 13, 2010, we visited selected South Pacific Islands on a 23 day cruise from San Diego, CA to Sydney, Australia.  After arriving in Sydney, we flew down to Melbourne, spent 3 days there then took the train back north to Sydney. After 4 days there, we boarded a "cast iron bird" for a 13-hour flight back across the wide pacific to the good old USA!
Last Updated August 2010
December 2007 & January 2008 - South America
December 16, 2007 thru January 11, 2008, we visited Southern South America.  After three days in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we flew up to Iguazu Falls for a couple of days then came back to Buenos Aires to board our ship (Oceania Insignia) on December 21.  We arrived in Valparaiso, Chile on January 10 and boarded the first of our flights back to the good old USA!
Last Updated April 2008


April 2007 - Rhine River Cruise

Beginning with departure on April 11, 2007, a 13 day Viking River Cruise from Basel, Switzerland to Antwerp Belgium followed by a week in Paris. 

Last Updated October 2007


Community Events

We live in Kings Point in Sun City Center, FL, a 55+ community and often attend events.  Sometimes, we take the cameras.  This section of photos contains the ones we have gotten around to posting on our website.  We will add more as time goes on.

Last event posted April 2011


Outings are day trips in the areas surrounding Sun City Center, FL.   As of now (April 2008), only those through August 2005 have been posted.  There's lots of work to be done here as there have certainly been others since then!

Last outing posted August 2005


Get-Aways are trips of one to three nights, we sometimes call them mini-moons, generally in the Florida area.  So far, only one is posted and there are lots more pictures from that.  My work is cut out for me!

Last get-away posted May 2004

Bus Trips

Our Kings Point Community has a tour bus that is used for outings and shopping trips to remote Shopping Malls.  Each month the trips are defined and a lottery is held for folks to pick the trips they wish to take.  Yes, there is a limited number of seats for each trip!  This section contains photos of some that we have taken.  We don't always take the cameras, thus, there aren't pictures from some of the ones we've been fortunate enough to have been drawn high enough in the lottery!

Last trip posted March 2009

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