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Scandinavian Safari

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In May 2012, we embarked on a "Scandinavian Safari".  We had found a Tauck "Small Ship Cruising" adventure that intrigued us.  It covered 3 of the 5 Scandinavian countries.  We decided to add a trip up to Norway after the Tauck adventure.  Iceland would wait for another trip.

In addition to Sweden (Stockholm), Finland (Helsinki) and Denmark (Copenhagen), our cruise took us to Russia (St. Petersburg), Estonia (Tallinn), and Latvia (Riga).

Our flight from Tampa to Newark left at 10:15am on May 17th.  That meant we would need to leave home no later than 7:15 to be at the airport by 8:15am.  That, of course meant getting up aroun 6am and doing all the last minute checking then.  We chose to go up to the Tampa airport on the afternoon of the 16th and spend the night in the hotel in the airport.  Fortunately, we had enough Marriott points to cover the room and tax.  Our only expense would be dinner.

We spent 2 days in Stockholm on our own before joining Tauck, 1 day in Copenhagen after the Tauck trip then flew up to Oslo for 4 days before returning to the good ol' USA!.

Note: The number in parenthesis to right of name is the number of slides in that set.

The Unfinished Blog(12)
For most of our trips, we start a blog to update our friends along the way.  We did that again for this trip and has always been the case in the past, this one too was abandoned after a couple of updates! 

To keep the whole story together, all of the information and pictures from the blog we started has been copied here.  Time availability and costs for WiFi prevented us from keeping it up to date as we traveled. 
last updated  6/11/12

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm, Sweden - Day 1(18)
May 18th: We arrived around 7:30am, collected our bags and headed for our hotel (The Radisson Blu Waterfront).  At 10am, even though we arrived many hours before "official" check-in time, our room was ready!  After napping for a couple of hours, we took a walk around the area near the hotel.
last updated 6/15/12
Flowers Near City Hall Stockholm, Sweden - Day 2(35)
May 19th: Our first whole day in Stockholm!  After breakfast we were off to explore the City Hall and its gardens that we had seen from our hotel room.
last updated 6/16/12

Stockholm, Sweden - Day 3(81)
May 20th: Today, we headed out to Skansen where there are traditional buildings from all over Sweden.  Skansen covers some 75 acres of living history right in the heart of Stockholm.

Later in the day, we joined the other Tauck travelers for a Welcome Reception and dinner at the Stockholm Royal Opera House.
last updated 6/17/12

Stockholm City Hall council meeting room ceiling. Stockholm, Sweden - Day 4(77)
May 21th: Today was our first full day with Tauck group, about 100 of us including the three wonderful Tauck directors.  Our travels would take us to the City Hall (home of the annual Nobel Awards dinner and dance), a drive thru Södermalm (the long way around) to Gamla Stan. The tour was over early afternoon when we arrived back at our hotel.  We were on our own from there.
last updated 6/19/12
Scale model of the Vasa Stockholm, Sweden - Day 5 (The last Day)(96)
May 22th: Today was our last day in Stockholm. The first adventure of the day would be on a tour boat containing only the Tauck group of ~100 for a trip around and through the nearby portion of the Stockholm.  The boat let us off at the Vasa Museum.  After an hour or two there, we would have a late lunch nearby before heading off to board our ship.
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Bust of Jean Sebilius Helsinki, Finland (63)
May 23rd:  Today we would cruise into Helsinki in the morning, spend 2-3 hours touring the Church in the Rock and Sibelius Park and make a "photo stop" at the Helsinki Cathedral.  We set sail for St. Petersburg (Russia!) before dinner time.
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St. Petersburg to Oslo, Norway()
May 24th - June 6th: 
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