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South Pacific & Eastern Australia

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Well, it is now August and has been over six months since we returned to USA. I started posting "Flinn Fotos" from the trip in July and now, here it is August and I'm still at it! ! So much for my original intent of having them posted by the end of April!

On January 13, 2010, we headed out on another big adventure!   We'd originally planned to leave home late afternoon of January 13th for a short (by comparison) trip the Tampa Airport to spend the night at the Marriott there in preparation for a 5:30am departure (wasn't aware there was such a time in the AM!). This would only allow 2 hours between arrival in San Diego and ship on board requirements!

After the weather turned bad the week before Christmas and predictions of a much wetter, i.e., ice and snow,coming this winter, we changed our plans and went to San Diego on the 13th. Our flight left Tampa around noon on the 13th and arrived in San Diego around 5pm. We stayed at the Holiday Inn right across the street from the cruise port. Being as this is the first leg of a World Cruise, the ship was already in port. There are some 300+ people actually travelling for the whole 119 day itinerary and they boarded a day early (on January 13th) for very special pre-departure partying (Jay Leno was the big attraction!)!

On the 14th, we boarded Regent Seven Seas Voyager for a 23 night cruise via the South Pacific destined for Sydney  (route map below).

On arrival in Sydney, we boarded a flight to Melbourne for a 3 night stay before heading back up to Sydney via train (map below).   We stayed 4 nights in Sydney before boarding a big 747 cast iron bird for a trip back across the Pacific, the BIG pond, and home!   Home, and our own bed, looked mighty good when we arrived back home late on February 13th.

We did set up a blog to report on the trip as we went. Updates were sparodic as it depended on time and the availability of free / reasonably priced internet access. Here's the link if you care to see the notes we posted as we went along: "Australia Here We Come"!

The number in parenthesis to right of name is the number of slides in that set.

San Diego, CA (20)
January 13-14th:  We spent the first the day of our trip going from Tampa to San Diego. We spent the night in San Diego prior to boarding our ship on January 14th.
last updated 7/26/10

On Board (106)
January 14th-20th: Six days before "Land Ho"! Lots of activities to keep us busy, in addition to just lazin' out!
last updated 7/29/10

Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Island (113)
January 21st:  Land sweet land! We arrived in the Nuku Hiva bay around 8am and departed around 4pm. The locals had set up a traditional festival for us. Albeit very hot, it was an interesting day.
last updated 8/5/10

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia (109)
January 23rd: After a day at sea, we docked in Papeete. Our schedule was a free morning when we could easily walk into town and an afternoon tour where we could circumnavigate the entire island with stops in ~4.5 hours.
last updated 8/9/10

Moorea, French Polynesia (52)
January 24th: From Papeete to Cook's Bay in Moorea was only about 15 miles. We deprted Papeete around 5am (so we were told) and set sail for Moorea. Our excursion was schedule to depart at 8am so we knew it was a short trip. Our excursion here was an "Off-road Safari" and brought us some breathtaking views!
last updated 8/21/10

Bora Bora, French Polynesia (58)
January 25th: We anchored off Bora Bora around 8am and were soon off to a Glass Bottomed Boat excursion out to see the reefs and colorful fish. Extraordinarily beautiful! After lunch back on the ship, we headed back to shore for a circumnavigation of the island on "Le Truck".
last updated 8/28/10

Lautoka, Fiji (32)
January 31st:  We "lost a day" because of crossing the international date line so it had, in reality, been ony five days since being on land! Tom chose to stay on the ship, I went snorkeling and then made a "shopping" trip into town.

last updated 8/30/10

Port Vila, Vanuatu (38)
February 2nd: Our excursion here was "Cascades & Rainforest Walk". After a ride through town, we arrived at the Mele Cascades and proceeded on a hike up toward the top of the cascades.
Vanuatu was a much prettier archipelago than Fiji!
last updated 8/30/10

Noumea, New Caledonia (61)
February 3rd:  Our last port, the last of the South Pacific Islands before heading on to our destination of Sydney. We had the morning free and then spent the afternoon on a panoramic tour of Noumea followed by a stop at a delightful aquarium displaying fish and creatures of the surrounding seas.
last updated 10/12/10

The last leg and Arriving Sydney (39)
February 4-6th:  The big event for this leg of the trip was the Captain's Farewell with the entertainment for the evening being the Crew Capers!  Hard to believe we were almost half way around the world from where we were a little over 3 weeks ago!  And, of course, we were looking forward to being "landed" again!
last updated 10/30/10

Melbourne, Australia -Part 1 -Miscellaneous (47)
February 6th - 9th:  Dinner on the Colonial Tramcar, a ride on "The Edge" at the top of the Eureka Tower and a circle around the city on the free tram are the highlights of this set of photos.
last updated 2/20/11
Melbourne, Australia ()
February 6th - 9th: 
last updated
Sydney, Australia ()
February 9th - 13th: 
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Regent Seven Seas Cruise Route January 14, 2010 - February 6, 2010:

NOTE: Due to EXTREMELY high seas, we bypassed Apia, Samoa.
Cruise Map

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Train From Melbourne to Sydney February 9, 2010:Great Australian Train Ride

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