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Internet access onboard Insignia was outrageous at 95¢ per minute for connections at just slightly above dial-up speed!  Connections in ports were quite reasonable but we chose to explore the areas rather than hit the 'net.  Thus, the blog was not updated while we were away.

We headed to Buenos Aires on December 16th and spent a few days there before flying north to Iguazu Falls.  Iguazu Falls is on the borders where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet.  We were there overnight and then returned to Buenos Aires on the 21st to board our ship for a 21 day cruise around southern South America.

We spent Christmas Day in Puerto Madryn and at Punta Tombo with the penguins.  We made a stop in the Falklands then headed further south.

New Year's Eve was spent on the ship in the waters of Antarctica! 
(New Year's Eve cocktails were served with glacial ice!)  The Drake Passage on New Year's Day proved to be quite rough with 12' to 14' seas!  Fortunately, we had a great captain who "put the pedal to the metal" and we outran forecast 35' seas on our way to Ushuaia.

From Ushuaia, our last port in Argentina, we were off to Punta Arenas, thru the Chilean Fjords to Puerto Montt, and then Valparaiso in Chile.

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The number in parenthesis to right of name is the number of slides in that set.
Caminito Tango Dancers Buenos Aires, Argentina (129)
December 17th-20th:  We spent the first the first three days of our trip in Buenos Aires, seeing a Tango show, taking an all day tour of the city and spending a day on our own.
last updated 1/24/08
Falls Iguazu Falls, Argentina (82)
December 20th-21st:  We flew up to Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina, close to where the Paraguay border meets them both.  We only had about 24 hours there but it was a wonderful trip.
last updated 1/26/08
Montevideo, Uruguay (37)
December 22nd:  Also included in this set is departing Buenos Aires.  Montevideo was our first port out of Buenos Aires.  We took a highlights tour of the city and were happy to be back on board by early afternoon.  It would give us the first chance to truly enjoy the ambiance of the ship.
last updated 1/28/08
Punta del Este, Uruguay (51)
December 23rd:  This was our first of  three 'tender' ports.  Punta del Este.  We chose not to take a tour there but went into town and walked around the peninsula.
last updated 1/30/08

Puerto Madryn - Punta Tombo, Argentina (53)
December 25th:  Christmas Day with the penguins!  What a treat! We had a 2-3 hour drive south along the Pan American Highway to get to Punta Tombo to visit the world's largest colony of Magellanic penguins.  Not the same as the Emperor penguins in "March of the Penguins" but equally enchanting.
last updated 2/2/08
Falkland Islands (65)
December 27th:  Our second tender port and our first day of wearing cold weather clothing.  We took a highlights tour of Stanley and then wandered around the town a little.
last updated 2/9/08
Antarctica (100)
December 29th - January 1st:  We cruised through the barrier islands to the west of the Antarctic peninsula.  Photos cannot capture and words cannot describe the beauty and magnitude of the areas we visited.
last updated 2/22/08
Ushuaia (103)
January 2nd:  Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world.  Our tour here took us on a catamaran to islands in the Beagle Channel and then up to Tierra del Fuego National Park where we boarded the southern most train in the world back to Ushuaia.
last updated 3/4/08
Punta Arenas, Chile (100)
January 3rd & 4th:  Punta Arenas is the southernmost city in Chile.  This was the only port where we stayed for 2 days.  Day 1, we took a tour to see the penguins of Otway Sound.  Day 2, we went "Trekking the Andean Club", i.e., trekking in the southern end of the Andes.
last updated 3/16/08
Chilean Fjords (47)
January 5th & 6th:  We cruised in the Chilean Fjords for 2 days passing several glaciers including 2 very large ones.  Due to to many iceberg pieces in the channel, we missed seeing the last glacier that we were scheduled to visit.  Glad we had the Captain watching out for us!
last updated 3/26/08
Puerto Montt, Chile (86)
January 8th:  We arrived in Puerto Montt early in the AM and set off for our trip to Petrohue Falls and the Osorno Volcano!  Two more unique spots to add to our list of places visited.
last updated 4/5/08
The Last Leg (25)
January 9th & 10th:  After leaving Puerto Montt, we had a full day at sea before arriving in Valparaiso, Chile where we would say "so long" to our new friends, disembark and transfer to Santiago some 75 miles away and hit the airways toward home.
last updated 4/13/08

Oceania Insignia Cruise Route December 21, 2007 - January 10, 2008:

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