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Rhine River Cruise on the Viking Sun

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In April 2007, we took a 13 day Rhine River Cruise on Viking River Cruises' Viking Sun. We followed that up with a week in Paris. This page has links to all the photos from the cruise. The Paris photos will be on a different page.

Our flight was to leave Tampa at some unearthly hour of the morning on April 11th so we chose to spend the night of the 10th at the Tampa Airport Marriot! It's actually part of the airport so there would be no transportation needs the next morning.

A wonderful choice! Staying there reduced the stress of making our first flight since early 2000 (long before the 9/11 event and increased security).

We had dinner at the rotating restaurant at the top. Not 'cheap' but not terribly expensive considering it is a hotel restaurant and has a fabulous, always changing view of the surroundings.

Our flight left at 6:00am! We flew from Tampa to Memphis, Memphis to Newark, Newark to Berlin, Berlin to London, and finally, London to Basel!  One might wonder why the circuitous route: The legs to Berlin were on points and it was the only way we could go and fly First Class. The legs from Berlin to Basel, saved us over $1000!  We had the time as we were going in a day early for the cruise. Yes, we did have the stress of changing planes in London's Heathrow!  Would we do it again? Yes!

The number in parenthesis to right of name is the number of slides in that set.
Hotel in Basel

Basel, Switzerland to Kembs, France (41)
April 12th-13th:  We spent the first night in Biel-Benken, Switzerland, the second night on the Viking Sun in Basel before getting underway on Saturday, April 14th.
last updated 10/23/07

Kembs, France to Breisach, Germany (72)
April 14th: A bus trip from Kembs to the Black Forest and back to Breisach to meet the Viking Sun.
last updated 10/23/07

Kehl, Germany & Strasbourg, France (63)
April 15th: We docked in Kehl and boarded a bus for a bus tour followed by a walking tour of Strasbourg.
last updated 10/23/07
Heidelberg (78)
April 16th: We docked in Mannheim and boarded a tour bus for Heidelberg, visiting the Castle and the Old Town area.

posted 7/15/07 - last updated 10/23/07
Germania Statue at Neiderwald Monument Rudesheim (85)
April 16th-17th: In the afternoon of April 16th, we cruised to Rudesheim.  On the morning of the 17th, we toured the city and took a cable car up to the Neiderwald Monument statue of Germania.
posted 7/30/07 - last updated 10/23/07
Marksburg Castle Cruising & Marksburg Castle (82)
April 17th: In the afternoon, we cruised through "castle valley" to Braubach.  There, we disembarked for a tour of the Marksburg Castle.  We met the ship on downstream in Koblenz. 
posted 7/31/07- last updated 10/23/07
Wine For Sale Cochem (54)
April 18th: We were docked in Koblenz near the German Corners.  A tour bus took us to Cochem for a city tour and wine tasting.  After returning to the boat, we had a tour of the "wheelhouse".
Posted 8/2/07- last updated 10/23/07
Gross St. Martin with Cologne Cathedral in Background Cologne (81)
April 19th:  The morning tour included the majestic Cologne Cathedral and a glass of Cologne beer.  In the afternoon, we visited the Lindt Chocolate Museum and toured the area near the dock. Our last night in Germany was a fun evening on board.
Posted 8/9/07- last updated 10/23/07
Cherub at Paleis Het Loo Arnhem (54)
April 20th:  Our first day in The Netherlands.  The morning tour was to the Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn.  The optional afternoon tour was to the Airborne Museum, battlefields and cemetery associated with the 1944 Battle of Arnhem, Operation Market Garden.
Posted 8/17/07- last updated 10/23/07
Amsterdam Drawbridge Amsterdam (50)
April 21st:   We arrived early in the day and spent the morning on a driving tour of Amsterdam, a visit to the Rijksmuseum and a canal boat tour of many of Amsterdam's canals.  After lunch back on our boat, we took an afternoon tour... NEXT UP-Keukenhof!
Posted 8/20/07- last updated 10/23/07
Keukenhof Gardens Keukenhof Gardens (86)
April 21st:  In the afternoon, we went to Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Holland, about 25 miles from Amsterdam.  In was undoubtedly the most glorious flower gardens we have ever seen.  The gardens are only open 2 months of the year and we feel fortunate to have been there at just the right time!
posted 8/22/07- last updated 10/23/07
Windmill in Kinderdijk, Holland Gouda & Kinderdijk (81)
April 22nd:  It was a Sunday so we didn't get to see the cheese being made, however, we did have a nice walking tour of Gouda.  Because the town was essentially closed, we were treated to a trip to Kinderdijk to see windmills up close.
updated 9/08/07- last updated 10/23/07
Rotterdam & Delft (82)
April 23rd:  We had cruised into Rotterdam the night before, and spent the night docked there, thus were ready for the 8:30 am bus tour departure to Delft, home of the blue & white Royal Delftware that so many folks cherish.
Posted 9/24/07- last updated 10/23/07
Onboard Tours & Farewell Dinner (68)
April 23rd:  After the tour to Delft, we spent the afternoon cruising to Antwerp.  We were also given the opportunity to visit the galley and the engine room... which, we of course did!  In the evening the Captain hosted the farewell cocktail followed by the farewell dinner.
Posted 9/30/07- last updated 10/23/07
Bruges, Belgium (88)
April 23rd:  What a delightful little and really old town.  This was our only full day tour, and our last day on the cruise.

We're definitely ready to do another Viking River Cruises journey! 
Posted 10/9/07- last updated 10/23/07


From Bruges, we went on to Paris!  The photos from there are or will be posted on a different page!

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